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Best Kitchen Knives Reviewed – Top 3 In 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Best Kitchen Knives

It doesn’t matter if you are a dedicated regular cook, or someone that only cooks occasionally, you still need the right equipment. This is especially the case when it comes to knives, because you want a knife that is going to be sharp and strong. This list contains the top three sets of knives around at the moment.

Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier 9 Piece Knife Set Review – Our Number 1

Best Kitchen Knives Reviewed - Top 3The Richardson range (CHECK PRICE!) contains some of the best well-made knives you will find. They are strong and durable but also well balanced and precise. Here is why these are at umber one.

  • One thing that most kitchen utensils need to be is dishwasher safe and these are. They won’t discolour or tarnish and they will always be ready to go.
  • They are full tang riveted which makes them incredibly strong and durable even when faced with the harshest of challenges.
  • The blades are made from martensitic stainless steel. This has the advantage of being stronger and staying sharper longer than some other brands.
  • You get a whole set of knives including a carving fork so you will be prepared for any cooking challenge.

The Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier knife set would make a great addition to any kitchen. Its strong and durable build quality and blade means that it will last for many years


Richardson Sheffield Kyu 5 Piece Block Set Review – Number 2

Richardson Sheffield Kyu 5 Piece Knife Block SetThis amazingly striking set of knives from Richardson is designed to be more than just a knife set. It is also meant to be a beautifully crafted piece that will be a talking point in the kitchen. Here is why it made number two.

  • Made from high carbon stainless steel, the blades are easy to sharpen and stay sharp for a long time.
  • The five piece set comes in a beautifully designed wood block to keep them safe and organised.
  • They are totally dishwasher safe so that you don’t have to spend time washing them by hand. They won’t tarnish or rust no matter how many times you wash them.
  • They come with an impressive 30 year guarantee which shows just how strong and durable these knives are.

If you want a set of strong knives that have a distinctive look, then these are the ones to choose. Durable and completely dishwasher safe, they deserve their place at number two



Taylors Eye Witness 5 Piece Dexterity Knives Review – Number 3

Taylors Eye Witness 5 Piece DexterityThe Taylors Eye set of knives looks really striking with its many colours. It also has a wonderfully unique design to its knife holder. Here is why it has reached number three.

  • Easy to sharpen non-stick blades are specially coated to make then smooth and durable.
  • As with many knife sets, they are completely dishwasher safe for ease and won’t tarnish or lose colour.
  • They are covered by a 12 month guarantee that shows just how strong these knives are.
  • They come in a range of sizes that will cover any type of preparation you will need.

Not only are the Taylors Eye Witness knives great to look at, they are also strong and stay sharp for a long time. They are beautifully designed piece of kitchen ware.




Our top spot has gone to the Richardson Sheffield V Sabatier 9 piece knife set. It has achieved this because of its classic design and durable build quality. The stainless steel blades and the ability to go in the dishwasher make it a great buy. It is also a favourite knife for the celebrity chefs on cooking shows. When choosing a reliable knife set, these three contenders should be the first ones you look at.



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