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Best Electric Knife Sharpeners – Top 3 In 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

When you have a knife that becomes a little dull, you will need to sharpen it to bring it back to its best. You can use hand steels but this doesn’t always get all of the blade sharpened to the same degree. What you need is an electronic knife sharpener to do the job. Here are the top three knife sharpeners around at the moment.

Chefs Choice 1520 Diamond Hone Review – Our Number 1

Best Electric Knife SharpenersThe Chefs Choice 1520 knife sharpener (CHECK PRICE!) is a multi-purpose sharpener that can handle a range of knife lengths. Its compact design and simple operation make it ideal for any home. Here is why it became number one.

  • The sharpener is suitable for all knives made in Asia as well as Europe. This means you never need to worry if your knife collection will fit.
  • It has a three stage sharpening system that gives your knives the perfect edge every time.
  • There are diamond abrasives that the sharpener uses to create the best results. It also means that the abrasives won’t wear down with use.
  • It can be used with both straight and serrated knives so you can keep all your collection sharp.

The Chefs choice 1520 Sharpener makes light work of your knives and will keep them in peak condition for many years.


Chefs Choice 130 Review – Number 2

Chefs Choice Model 130The Chefs Choice 130 is packed with features and is perfect for the professional who wants a good edge to their knives. It has multi-sharpening stages and a simple use that will make keeping your knives sharp easy and pie. Here is why it has reached number two.

  • The diamond abrasives and powerful 75 watt motor give your knives a sharp edge that will last for a long time.
  • There is a three stage sharpening system which involves sharpening, steeling and polishing. This gives a comprehensive sharp edge.
  • Can be used for straight as well as serrated knives so you can do all your collection.
  • The sharpener is covered by a three year warranty for your peace of mind, just in case you have any problems with its operation.

The Chefs Choice 130 Professional Sharpener is just what you need if you are a professional cook with lots of knives to keep sharp. It is well built by a company that has many years’ experience in the business.



Warthog V-Sharp Classic II Review – Number 3

Warthog V-Sharp Classic IIThis sharpener has a classic design that is also very functional. It has an adjustable frame to suit most knives and is very easy to use. See why it made it to number three.

  • The 325 Diamond Grit Honing stones are designed to give the best edges to the knives. It also maintains an even blade all the way along.
  • A steel frame construction makes it very durable and steady to use thanks to its rubber base.
  • There are three adjusting angles at 20, 25 and 30 so you can sharpen most knives.
  • Used by many professionals because of its simple yet reliable design. It is also portable enough to be taken with you if needed.

The Warthog V-Sharp Classic II Professional knife sharpener is the ideal accessory to any kitchen. It is strong and reliable but simple to use.




The top spot in this list has gone to the Chefs Choice 1520 Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener. With its easy to use operation and three stage sharpening system, it will give any knife a great edge. It is also suitable for any type of knife so is a very versatile machine that will give anyone many hours of sharp knives.



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